Let's double your Marketing ROI

D2 – IT company with an international approach to the Ukrainian market. Multi - technological team which has over 100 developers, covers different divergent IT-specializations and is capable of leading 30+ projects simultaneously. D2 first company to bring the systematical approach to the IT in the marketing to the Ukrainian business.

D2 creates a digital foundation for the marketing activity of companies: a system of collection, storage, analysis and work with customer data. On this basis, D2 builds communication platforms, mobile apps, content-solutions, interactive modules, and other informational products.

For 13 years of hard work, D2 has implemented 150 projects.

D2. Double your marketing ROI.

Please, do not start the promotion on the internet platform until you have a ‘foundation’ - IT-systems, that collects, systemizes, stores, processes and allows you to work with the data.

And yes, we will build the foundation for you in a short period of time, as we have a number of ready-made solutions for marketing tasks.


Creativity is extremely important for marketing. However, during the creativity creation process, channels, through which the target audience will be reached, are not considered at all. At that is halfof your money thrown away.

We work with ’Technotive’ principals (technological creativity): creativity, which considers technological platforms, where the target audience is gathered and it’s behavior in the environment.

While working with the Thenchotive approach D2 works with ‘one team’ principals. The team includes the client, creative contractor and a media agency. And we can be its coordinator.


While designing IT-product for the marketing we stick to the philosophy of a ’single window’. You can order a whole complex service. D2 programmers are creating websites, mobile apps, content platforms, games, database, VR, AR, quizzes, contests, FTLM- solutions for e-commerce.

D2 examination covers categories such as FMCG, trade-marketing, pharmaceutical, media, financial services, tourism, municipal and infrastructural projects.

Single window


D2 - the leader in the number of marketing developments for Ukrainian business - 150 projects during 13 years.

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